Longest Established Inshore Fishing Guide at Edisto


Q: What should I bring?
A: Food, drinks, and sunscreen.   A pair of good polarized sunglasses is advised.  Beer is okay.  No illegal drugs.

Q: What will we catch?
A: Depending on the bait and tackle that we use, we will usually catch 3-4 varieties of fish.

Q:  Where will we fish?
A: We fish in the rivers and creeks around Edisto.

Q:  What do we do with the fish?
A:  We participate in the tag and release program for the spot tail bass, spot tail bass over 23 inches must be tagged and released.  15-23 inches can be kept.  Limits and size vary on the species of the fish. Steve will clean the fish when you get back to the dock.

Q:  Do you guarantee fish?
A: I guarantee you that I will take you where I would go if I want to catch fish.  Doesn't always happen.  It's called fishing, not catching.  I can give you directions to the fish market.

Q:  What type of boat will we go in?
A:  We have a 19' Carolina skiff . 

Q:  Is there a bathroom on the boat? 
A: Most river boats will not have a bathroom, including mine.  Buckets provided.

Q:  Can we bring beer?
A:  Yes, in cans, please.